Our Exclusive CBD Partnership with 502 Hemp

We chose to build CBD Aromatherapy & Soy Candles exclusively for and sold by 502 Hemp, with their high vibe Full Spectrum CBD oil. I believe in Dee Dee. Supporting a woman owned business. But most importantly, her products and how she treats the team of 502 Hemp. She is a business owner that purchases from artists >>locally first<< and across the country. Ain't no 'Made in China' shit round' here. In addition, the knowledge that Dee Dee and her staff share is from vigorous training. Truly, 502 Hemp are the game changers and leaders in the CBD business.

Dee Dee's husband is the creator of most Kentucky CBD brands and across the globe. John's Crrtified cGMP Hemp Facility only supports Kentucy Farmers that need a place to work. He is also the reason the CBD legislation was and will continue to be passed in Kentucky.

So, when you support 502 Hemp, you are supporting a local business that is both PASSIONATE and INTENTIONAL about every step they take. Leaders who are in this business not for the money, no, they were here years before it became cool.

I'll jump off my soap box and allow you to either take the seed or keep supporting Amazon or gas stations for CBD.