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Hematite Chakra Yoga Mala Prayer Bracelet

Hematite Chakra Yoga Mala Prayer Bracelet

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The pictures above are examples of these crystal combinations. I invite you in allowing me the opportunity to intuitively curate your custom piece around these crystals. Sure, yours may turn out like the picture. If you are drawn to that, by all means, advise that in the order comments. Otherwise, this Mala will come intuitively created for your spirit <3

About Your Mala

Red Jasper - Root Chakra represents our foundation and being grounded.
Carnelian - Sacral Chakra represents our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. Calcite - Solar Plexus Chakra represents our ability to be confident and in control of our lives.
Aventurine - Heart Chakra represents our ability to love and forgive.
Lapis - Throat Chakra represents our ability to communicate.
Amethyst - Third Eye Chakra represents our ability to focus on and see the big, bright, and beautiful picture. Quartz - Crown Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. Aligning your seven main chakras calls for a greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Manifesting your desires do not seem impossible or unreachable. Basically, life is good.


Hematite is a powerful stone for the reduction of inflammation and pain. Stimulates the Root and Sacral. Assists those with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. The Hematite crystal meaning is linked with its ability to absorb any toxic emotions holding you back from your natural state of joy and vitality. Use Hematite in your crystal healing first aid kit to clear away negative feelings from stress, anxiety, and worry. The Hematite crystal works to pull any stray negative energy in the aura to the Root where it neutralizes its harmful effects by balancing and aligning all seven Chakras. This explains why Hematite is one of the best Root stones.

Every gemstone is unique and one of a kind so color may vary.