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Moonstone and Tiger Eye Yoga Mala Prayer Bracelet

Moonstone and Tiger Eye Yoga Mala Prayer Bracelet

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The pictures above are examples of these crystal combinations. I invite you in allowing me the opportunity to intuitively curate your custom piece around these crystals. Sure, yours may turn out like the picture. If you are drawn to that, by all means, advise that in the order comments. Otherwise, this Mala will come intuitively created for your spirit <3

About Your Mala


Moonstone aids to enhance intuition and promote inspiration. Moonstone has been known to bring about good fortune and understanding for the wearer. Being the strongest stone for psychic abilities, it will open your mind and heart to things unseen. This stone is used for meditation and to understand thyself. The most powerful time to use your moonstone is during the full moon.

Tiger Eye

Tiger's Eye merges the vibration of the Earth with those of the Sun. This stone can offer support for new beginnings and helps in reestablishing the harmony of our lives. Tiger eye protects the person who wears it, especially during long journeys. It also enhances the feelings of security and self-respect. Tigers eye is an excellent stone for increasing the power of personal will. It helps us acquire abundance and wealth and enhances the stability and balance that lead to maintaining the acquired wealth. This stone helps us fight the greed and misuse of power.

Every gemstone is unique and one of a kind so color may vary.