Our Hearts to Yours

We believe true wellness arises when we re-align ourselves with the rhythms and elements of nature. We believe whole-heartedly in the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection for optimal health and wellness. We believe that all physical, mental, and emotional issues are interconnected. Additionally, symptoms that manifest physically are very often caused by imbalances in our energetic body, heart and mind. To truly heal holistically, one must address and nurture one's entire being.


Brewed in Louisville

We value using the highest quality ingredients that are sourced responsibly. Every ingredient is plant-based, certified organic, and extracted using the finest methods. We grow and forage over 40 of the plant based ingredients used in our creations. We choose to use biodegradable and recycled packaging and avoid using plastic in our effort to be as eco-friendly as possible. We do not use any chemicals, fillers, nor emulsifying agents - because those don’t belong on our skin! In contrast to conventional body products that are scented using chemicals, our products are purely scented using essential oils to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to mind-body-spirit. As a result, our products have a softer, subtle aroma that is meant to be savored while the therapeutic benefits are felt long after the scent lingers. None of our ingredients, nor products, have been tested on animals and all products are brewed in small batches during ceremony, with Reiki and Sacred Sound Current.

A Friendly Reminder

Vibrational medicines will not 'fix' you, as you are not broken. Instead, Sacred Power Objects will awaken the light codes in your cellular matrix, expanding awareness and bringing once hidden aspects of self into the light to be reviewed, integrated and aligned. This process allows us to experience healing, which, is just acknowledging and accepting all the pieces of who we are, becoming whole. Take a pause before utilizing any tool for healing. State a prayer, mantra, or an intention. The energetics will work inside of you. Whether you are aware of it or not, the more conscious attention you bring, the more powerfully you are able to co-create your experience - as WE re-remember, re-balance, and re-vitalize our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

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