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Konnichiwa, Halo, Aloha

Meet the maker who

can't live without her rituals.

" Creating space in life is a choice, and one that keeps me filled with life force. "


The Earth name given at birth is Elise Dixie Jane. A mouthful, I know. As a child, human mother, attuned me to Reiki. Healing plants and wounded animals became a synchronistic pattern that continued to present itself and lead to working with the energy of the multi-verse. In later years, I continued my studies as a Reiki Master and continued healing the mind body spirit connection. Throughout life, I have suffered from a multitude of ailments, aka my Love Story. Thus, every learning experience inspires herbal remedies that first, heal personal ailments, loved ones and finally, shared through this labor of love. It is humbling and mindblowing to say we are an 11 year old business, but here we are! With a motto to trust Uni (Universe), I genuinely believe we receive what is meant for us and there is nothing we cannot handle. May the odds be ever in our favor.

 Your one call IT fix is here

Meet Andrew William. Shop dad and IT dude. The real magic behind this website, items I cannot reach and all things opposite of me. Andrew is your behind the scenes extraordinaire. Whether he is helping re-wire the dang DYMO label maker or stirring soy wax, this kind soul brings his ability to remain grounded into the Free Spirit Delicacies mix. His motto is to trust in the Universe and allow. 

The Three Headed Woo

And then we have Kimberly Elizabeth. Human mother and teacher (in this life). During the late 80's, Kimberly acted as a Flower Essence Practitioner and Ayurvedic Specialist. In 1989, the FDA shut Kimberly down for making health claims about garlic. But that was okay. In 1990, Kimberly graduated from Louisville School of Massage and Advanced Massage Therapeutics. Shortly afterwards, Kimberly became a Reiki Master and popped me out of her cabbage patch. You can catch Kimberly at a festival in the Free Spirit Delicacies booth! Kimberly's motto is one day at a time.