FUN FACT ⚡ I fought the Dark Lord and won.

Aloha, Guten tag, Hallo

The Earth name given at birth is Elise Dixie Jane. Also known as EDJMK & Artsy Fartsy Alchemist. A mouthful, I know. As a child, The Three Headed Woo aka human mother, attuned me to Reiki. Healing plants and wounded animals became a synchronistic pattern that continued to present itself on this path. As did, the creation of herbal potions and ability to manfiest spells.

Back in 1995, growing up with crystals and aromatherapy in your pocket wasn't cool. Nor was speaking about the infinite possibilities of the Multiverse. So, I learned, early on, how to visualize, meditate and activate the power of positive thinking. The teachings human mother shared went on to assist me to overcome bullying, learn how to effectively and lovingly support ~ listen to cOMmunity and feel confident in co-creating creative ability with the Universe.

Recently, we opened the Free Spirit Delicacies Art & Healing Studio, located inside of the Center for Integrative Health at 105 Lyndon Lane Suite 202, Louisville, Kentucky 40222. A safe space that acts as a co-op for fellow makers, healers, writers and private yoga sessions. Over the last ten years of creative projects, I have accepted each new path into this labor of love. With a motto to trust the Universe, in all aspects, and to SERVE the collective through the path of the unknown. 

Big love,

Elise Dixie Jane


 Your one call IT fix is here

Meet Andrew William. Shop dad and IT dude. The real magic behind this website, items I cannot reach and all things opposite of me. Andrew is your behind the scenes extraordinaire. Whether he is helping re-wire the dang DYMO label maker or stirring soy wax, this kind soul brings his ability to remain grounded into the Free Spirit Delicacies mix. His motto is to trust in the Universe and allow. 

The Three Headed Woo

And then we have Kimberly Elizabeth. Human mother and teacher (in this life). Once known as the Three Headed Woo. Now known as the Artsy Fartsy Alchemist's Mama. In the late 80's and early 90's, Kimberly acted as a Flower Essence Practitioner, Ayurvedic Specialist and ran an herbal business out of Rainbow Blossom. In 1993, the FDA shut Kimberly down for making healing claims about garlic. But that was okay. In 1991, not only did she pop Elise Dixie Jane out of her, but she also graduated Massage School and became a Reiki Master. And for the last 29 years, Kimberly acted as a full time LMT and energy worker. Her knowledge of plants, energy and emotional boundaries speaks volumes onto her passion of Mother Earth. Currently, Kimberlys' motto is one day at a time.