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Konnichiwa, Halo, Aloha

Clinical Herbalist + Kentucky Wildlife Conservationist

 Nature Based Artist + Garden Designer and Educator 

Bee-centric Keeper 


Greetings! Elise Dixie Jane here. A mouthful, I know. With 15 years in business, my educational background includes btu is not limited to Clinical Herbalism, Wildlife Conservation, Nature Art, Reiki, Bee Stewardship, and designing gardens of all kinds! I tell stories using Nature as my Art Medium. Our Urban homestead Fire Moon Farm + Diagon Apiary is a small but mighty Biodynamic Farm and Apothecary located outside of Appalachia in Louisville, Kentucky. Home to Beehives, edible and herbal gardens, and indoor hydroponics - with 60+ of the herbs found in our Apothecary's Plant Medicine. We hold reverence to the land that chose us and believe it is our responsibility as caretakers to respect & nurture Mama Earth.

Bee-centric Keeping Practice

Rooted in the philosophy of treatment-free natural beekeeping, my focus lies in fostering the vitality of bee colonies and their interconnected ecosystem. Without resorting to chemical interventions, I employ natural methods to enhance bee health, allowing robust colonies to naturally yield surplus products for communal sharing.    

Our Healing Studio 


The Three Headed Woo

Krueger Bodyworks

And then we have Kimberly Elizabeth. My human mother. During the 80's, Kimberly acted as an Herbalist, Essential Oil Practitioner, and Ayurvedic Specialist. In 1989, the FDA shut Kimberly down for making health claims about garlic - What? The government shutting down Ayurvedic claims, the oldest Health system on Spaceship Earth. No way!  

In 1990, Kimberly graduated from Louisville School of Massage - Advanced Massage Therapeutics and began practicing Reiki on her newborn (me)! For the last 34 years, Kimberly has passionately practiced Therapeutic Massage - with a focus on Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Reflexology, and Reiki. 

You can catch Kimberly in our Art + Healing Studio, at an Art Festival or Farmers Market in the Free Spirit Delicacies + Fire Moon Farm + Diagon Apiary booth.

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