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Konnichiwa, Halo, Aloha

The Earth name provided at birth is Elise Dixie Jane. A mouthful, I know. With 12 years in business, my background and focus includes Clinical Herbalism, Reiki, Ayurveda, Beekeeping (stewardship) and Chinese Medicine. 
Our Urban homestead, Fire Moon Farm + Diagon Apiary, is home to wildlife, pollinator, edible and herb gardens; with  60+ of the herbs found in our products. We hold reverence to the land that chose us and believe it is our responsibility as caretakers to respect & nurture Mama Earth. I believe creating space in life is a choice, and one that keeps me filled with life force. 

 Your one call IT fix is here

Meet Andrew William. Shop dad and IT dude. The real magic behind this website, items I cannot reach and all things opposite of me. Andrew is your behind the scenes extraordinaire. Whether he is helping re-wire the dang DYMO label maker, stirring Elderberry Syrup or harvesting herbs; this kind soul brings his ability to remain grounded into the Free Spirit Delicacies mix that is often soaring with the heavenly realms. Andrew's motto is to trust in the answers within.

The Three Headed Woo

And then we have Kimberly Elizabeth. My human mother. During the late 80's, Kimberly acted as a Flower Essence Practitioner and Ayurvedic Specialist. In 1989, the FDA shut Kimberly down for making health claims about garlic (what?! the government shutting down the oldest Health system on Spaceship Earth (Ayurveda), no way!? ;) In 1990, Kimberly graduated from Louisville School of Massage and Advanced Massage Therapeutics and began practicing Reiki on her newborn (me!). Kimberly went on to teach me that nature provides medicine for all ailments. You can catch Kimberly at a festival, art show or Farmers Market in the Free Spirit Delicacies booth. Kimberly's motto is one day at a time.