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Upcycled Mad Hatter 'Tree' Party

Rooted truth

Covered in soil

Masked by purple daisies

So, you found yourself here. Loving this epic planet I like to call Spaceship Earth.

A planet that is so desperate for each individual humxn to show up and do their damn part. A planet with simple solutions and complicated people. Complicated people that are more worried about pointing blame than taking accountability or action.

While we cannot control failing politicians or 'policies', we CAN control our personal impact on the environment. Which moves on to affect the local and global environment that many of us hold a deep reverence to.

When I think of the United States, I think of CONSUMPTION. We change designs of comforters quicker than our fur babes have had time to pee on them.

All joking aside, how often do you find yourself consuming goods that are not a need? How many choices of shoes or purses do you really NEED to choose from? How many lightly used or new items did you donate or toss last year? Did you toss said items because they were worn out from use or because you realized they weren't a need/want any longer? I mean, did you REALLY need that third round of Shampoo and Conditioner? Or were you just plain bored with the other 2 rounds of full bottles?

Already down to clown with upcycling and understanding consumption? Jump to the bottom of the page for more pictures of the upcycle project and how it was accomplished. Care to read further, be our guest!

It is time we begin asking the deeply rooted questions in understanding WHY we consume. Did those raising us teach value in materials, instead of experiences and people? Are we shopping as a coping mechanism for not dealing with our emotions? Was there not enough food on the table growing up or did we watch our parents struggle with 'not enough'? Did that 'not enough-ness' creep in to develop a pattern of how and what we blow wasted money on?

Taking the time to ask ourselves these questions is vital. When we begin to ask ourselves these questions, it builds awareness around our, 'WHY'. Which in return, builds a relationship of (hopefully) recognizing our coping mechanisms. When we recognize these unhealthy patterns, it gives us the ability to take action and GROW. To make informed and mindful decisions. Or the latter, repeating the same cycle.

I do not claim to be 100% perfect. Nor will I lie and say the -->lifestyle<-- of upcycling, recycling, vermicomposting or the other LIMITLESS ways to consume and create less waste is always easy. It will take getting uncomfortable. Facing truths that you once utilized unhealthy coping mechanisms for. It could mean sharing what can be challenging conversations with roommates, loved ones and/or neighbors. Heck, you may even donate all your shit and hike that American Discovery Trail.

What I AM intending to share, is that small actions make big impacts. 

Think about it. How often, when growing in life, do you find yourselves taking about your new or old growth experience? And how often have you inspired those around you to take similar interest? Do you notice yourself planting 'seeds' for others? When we change/grow, how we view the world around us shifts and so do the people in it!

Without further ado here is my wee project utilizing what I consume(d) too much of, mugs. The teapot was a double bonus; as I left it on the stove for too long , causing a crack. Not good for brewing tea any longer but hella beneficial for planting Hens + Chicks.

I utilized scrap rope saved from cuttings of other projects and mugs awaiting an upcycle project. Clearly, the bird seed was not upcycled. Though, it would be great if birds could regurgitate and put it back the seed - due to how quickly we go through a 40lb bag of birdseed!

If you've read this far, thank you. I appreciate your time and energy. Clearly, I could engage further about this subject. But I am glad we are beginning with a good ole' scratch of the surface called WHY?

So, tell me, which extra goodies are laying around, that you plant to utilize towards an upcycling project? 

With love intention and a lil' sass (always),

Elise Dixie Jane

aka EDJMK aka Dix aka DJ aka Dixie aka Elise Dixie Jane

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