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Free Herbal Consultation

Free Herbal Consultation

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We believe true wellness arises when we re-align ourselves with the rhythms and elements of nature. We believe that all physical, mental, and emotional issues are interconnected. Additionally, symptoms that manifest physically are very often caused by imbalances in our energetic body. To heal holistically, one must address and nurture one's entire being.

We will meet for fifteen minutes to discuss your interest or history with Plant Medicine, and what working together would look like.

If you are coping with physical illness, emotional pain, chronic stress, or if you simply want to nurture your current state of health and balance, Free Spirit Delicacies is honored to offer professional and compassionate guidance on your healing journey.

If we choose to work together, our time is built around your needs. Whether you want me to provide the herbal medicine recommendations, physical products, or teach you how to grow your own and make your own plant medicine.

Our time together could look like the following:

    • Providing herbal recommendations and dosing advice
    • Providing herbal supplements
    • Inflammation + Pain Relief Guide (products, practices, potential)
    • Cold + Flu Management
    • Detailed guidance and advice on how to manage hundreds of ailments and illnesses that you are most likely to see in your role as a home herbalist
  • 111 Herb Profiles: The key to becoming a master home herbalist is having access to safe, trusted and evidence-based herb profiles that provides you with all you need to know about any given herb.
  • Teaching you how to grow your own herbs
  • Helping you get started on an Herbal Garden (with the option of Free Spirit Delicacies designing your garden
  • Medicine making in person or providing detailed tutorials to make your own medicine.
  • Herbal book recommendations