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Spilanthes + Scar Repair Serum
Spilanthes + Scar Repair Serum

Spilanthes + Scar Repair Serum

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Fill a wrinkle while you sleep, no needle or toxic ingredients required


2oz Spilanthes, Green Coffee Bean, Prickly Pear, Orchid, Evening Primrose, Moringa, Sea Buckthorn, Squalane


Fills expression lines through numbing, scar reduction, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, skin repair and collagen reproduction


At night, shake bottle to join Spilanthes Extract and Healing Oils. Next, massage one full dropper of Healing Serum gently into the skin and allow full absorption before applying a moisturizer to combat dryness (think of this product similar to Retinol). Check in on how your skin handles dryness.

Expression lines, the beautiful creases that form in your skin when making facial expressions that are in response to Life. A symbol of beauty, no doubt, as they share your story with the world. I will never quit smiling big or forming unique expressions that reflect my emotions.

Like many of you that found your way here, harmful aesthetic treatments like botox and fillers aren't for you. Skin is the largest organ on our body and takes up 90%. The ingredients we put ON our body is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the ingredients we put IN our body.

We've known that Spilanthes amcella is a special plant. Traditionally called the ‘toothache plant’, due to its analgesic, anesthetic mouth-numbing ability when chewing. Even when harvesting the flower heads, it makes fingers tingly, and I have to be careful not to touch my eyes  (been there done that). 

But it’s only recently that Scientists discovered the skin collagen reproduction properties were up to 46%. 

 Recent studies printed in the Molecular Science Journal and SÖFW Journal showed that Spilanthes amella extract demonstrated Botox-like action when applied to expression lines on the face - with 75% of users showing results within just 28 days.