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Pride, Everyday Soy Candle

Pride, Everyday Soy Candle

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Cedarwood, Rosemary, Clove, Ylang Ylang, Ginger, Tangerine, Lemon, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Palmarosa, Black Spruce, Bay Laurel, Peppermint, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Frankincense, Palo Santo, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Mugwort, Red Jasper, Tourmaline, Carnelian, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Lapis, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz


🕯Candles with Purpose + Limited New Product Alert ⚠️ 

With 🌈 Pride month ahead, 30% proceeds of our limited edition soy candle *Pride, Everyday* will go towards @sweeteveningbreeze, a Louisville area nonprofit dedicated to helping LGBTQ houseless young people.

As always, when you purchase our soy candles, expect the following

1️⃣. Non-toxic aromas made from therapeutic essential oils by @sagesbotanicals and on our farm 🚜 

2️⃣. Intentional + fun labels printed with soy ink, wax dyed with plants, and decorated with crystals + plants from our farm

3️⃣ & most importantly, soy candles brewed in ritual for ritual, through Usui Reiki - cause we aren't your average candle maker 

#causeshadenevermadeanybodylessgay #Pride