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Communication Soy Candle
Communication Soy Candle

Communication Soy Candle

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Seasonal Herbs + some of the Essential Oils used to scent our Soy Candles grown on our Urban Homestead, Fire Moon Farm & Diagon Apiary.


The Throat Chakra
Color: Blue
Element: Sound
Location: Hollow of throat
Feelings: Truth, clarity, communication, speech, responsibility, expression
Physical Correspondence: Thyroid gland, thymus, throat, lungs, vocal cord, and immune system
Role: Visuddha (Throat) Chakra is the communication center and tuner of the Heart. It is connected to speaking your truth through creative self-expression, listening and being heard.

As always, when you purchase our soy candles, expect the following

1️⃣. Non-toxic aromas made from therapeutic essential oils by @sagesbotanicals and on our farm 🚜 

2️⃣. Intentional + fun labels printed with soy ink, wax dyed with plants, and decorated with crystals + plants from our farm

3️⃣ & most importantly, soy candles brewed in ritual for ritual, through Usui Reiki - cause we aren't your average candle maker